South Carolina Licensing

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North Carolina real estate licensees seeking to obtain a South Carolina real estate license will need to take the state section of the South Carolina licensing exam.

The requirements and application for South Carolina licensing can be obtained from the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.  Contact the commission at (803) 896-4400 or

Effective July 1, 2020 - Criminal Background Check Required

SC review course

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Please note:  This review course is designed to help you study and prepare for South Carolina’s 50 question state-specific Salesperson exam. Please note that in South Carolina a Salesperson is equivalent to a North Carolina Provisional Broker. Full North Carolina Brokers taking the South Carolina exam will answer five additional questions on the exam (Closing Details). The Closing Details are not covered in this course.

Exam study guide

AWARE in South Carolina - A workbook for agents preparing for the South Carolina real estate licensing exam ($45).

License renewal/CE requirements

S.C. Real Estate Commission Fingerprint Background Check Requirement and FAQ

S.C. Real Estate Licensure

S.C. Examination Application

S.C. Real Estate Commission License Renewal FAQ

S.C. Real Estate Commission CE Requirements

S. C. Salesman/Broker - PSI Candidate Information Bulletin

S.C. Prpoerty Manager - PSI Candidate Information Bulletin

EFFECTIVE 11/2019: REVISED South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement

South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement  

Other Helpful resources

SCREC Links to Publications, Forms and Applications

South Carolina Real Estate License Law

South Carolina Commission Approved Forms and Resources

South Carolina Real Trust Account Guidelines

South Carolina Vacation Time Sharing Plans Act