South Carolina Licensing

North Carolina real estate licensees seeking to obtain a South Carolina real estate license will need to take the state section of the South Carolina licensing exam.

The requirements and application for South Carolina licensing can be obtained from the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.  Contact the commission at (803) 896-4400 or

Effective July 1, 2020 - Criminal Background Check Required

SC review course

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Please note:  This review course is designed to help you study and prepare for South Carolina’s 50 question state-specific Salesperson exam. Please note that in South Carolina a Salesperson is equivalent to a North Carolina Provisional Broker. Full North Carolina Brokers taking the South Carolina exam will answer five additional questions on the exam (Closing Details). The Closing Details are not covered in this course.

Exam study guide

AWARE in South Carolina - A workbook for agents preparing for the South Carolina real estate licensing exam ($45).

License renewal/CE requirements

S.C. Real Estate Licensure

S.C. Examination Application

S.C. Real Estate Commission License Renewal FAQ

S.C. Real Estate Commission CE Requirements

EFFECTIVE 1/1/19: REVISED South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement

South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement  (Effective 1/1/19) (Revised 11/18) (pdf)

Due to a 2018 legislative amendment to the South Carolina Residential Property Disclosure Act, amendments to the South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement were approved, at the November 14, 2018 meeting of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. The following amendments have been made to the form:

  • Roman numeral V., adds a new item number 16: Designation as a historic building, landmark, site or location within a local historic or other restrictive district, which may limit changes, improvements or demolition of the property.
  • The disclosure Addendum for HOA’s is now attached to the same document as the main disclosure form. The Addendum page must also be completed if the seller answers YES to Roman numeral IX.

The new form may be utilized effective November 14, 2018. The new form will go into effect as the only approved form and become mandatory on January 1, 2019 for any new listings, or any listings renewed after the effective date.

Real Estate License Law Revision: Effective Jan. 1, 2017

A revision of the South Carolina Real Estate Licensing law (S.1013/Act.170) was signed into law on May 23, 2016. The new license law will take effect on January 1st, 2017. There are multiple changes which will affect licensees or applicants.

  • Ten (10) hours of biennial continuing education will be required for broker and salesperson licensees including 4 hour mandatory core course. (*Will begin with licenses which expire June 30th 2018)
  • Brokers in Charge will have an additional mandatory 4 hour CE class out of their 10 hours in addition to the mandatory core course. (*Will begin with licenses which expire June 30th 2018)
  • Sales initial licensure applicants will have to complete 90 hours of pre-licensing education prior to being issued a license. There will no longer be a one year "provisional" license issued after completing 60 hours and passing the exam. Applicant must complete the additional 30 hours prior to issuance of a full sales license.
  • Applicants who are non-residents and licensees of other jurisdictions will have to submit a certification of licensure from their licensed jurisdiction and apply to take the South Carolina sales or broker exam. South Carolina resident applicants will be required to take the South Carolina qualifying pre-licensing courses.
  • To become a Property Manager in Charge, applicants will need to complete a 7 hour PMIC class in addition to the 30 hour Property Management pre-licensing course.

There are many other updates, including reporting of contact information and residency changes, marketing and disclosure duties, teams, transaction brokerage, personal transactions involving licensees, and consequences of denial or revocation of licensure.

South Carolina Real Estate Commission forms and resources

Here is a link to the final version of Act.170 as passed.

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