South Carolina Continuing Education Requirements

Salesperson, Broker and Property Manager license renewals begin on the first weekday of May for your license expiration year. Renewal notices will be sent out that date. You will not be able to renew your license prior to that date. The license expiration date is June 30. After June 30 of your expiration year, your license is considered expired and late renewal/reinstatement fees will accrue at $15 per month. If not renewed by December 31, the license will be canceled by law and cannot be reinstated without re-qualification for initial licensure.

2022 S.C. License Renewal Instructions

Important - New S.C. Fingerprint Background Check Requirement for license renewals

All licensees who are due to renew in 2021 and 2022 will be required to be fingerprinted and have the background checks conducted. If you are inactive but plan to reactivate again within the next six years after these renewal cycles, it would be beneficial to also get fingerprinted, as the Commission will need clearance prior to reactivating. Fingerprinting will be conducted again for all renewing in 2027 and 2028 if still required by law. If you are renewing in one of these cycles, please wait until instructions have gone out to begin fingerprinting. Please do not get fingerprinted in 2021 if you are not due to renew until the 2022 renewal cycle as clearance dates will be important in auditing compliance.  Read the Fingerprint Background Check FAQ for more details.

SCREC Requirements and Renewals




Online Renewal Link

Please be sure to review the CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) REQUIREMENTS AND EXEMPTIONS document to make sure you have properly completed the necessary CE or exemption reporting to renew as active if you are a salesperson, broker or broker-in-charge.