N.C. Continuing Education Requirements

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License Renewal

North Carolina licensees are required to take eight hours of continuing-education classes by June 10 of each year to remain on active status. For brokers and provisional brokers this includes the four-hour General Update and a four-hour elective of your choice. For brokers-in-charge this includes taking the new Broker-in-Charge Update (BICUP) course and a four-hour elective of your choice.

Attention Non-Resident South Carolina Licensees

If you are licensed in South Carolina but live and work in North Carolina, you are classified as a South Carolina non-resident licensee.  As a South Carolina non-resident licensee you are not required to take South Carolina continuing education, but you will need to demonstrate to South Carolina that you have satisfied your North Carolina continuing-education requirement.  Please read this important South Carolina license renewal information.


Brokers and Provisional Brokers: four-hour General Update + four-hour elective = eight CE hours

BICs and BIC-Eligible Brokers: four-hour BICUP + four-hour elective = eight CE hours


Any active licensee who fails to complete eight hours of continuing education by June 10 of each license year will have his or her license become inactive on July 1.

Any broker or provisional broker who takes the BICUP course will not receive credit for the course.  Brokers and provisional brokers must take the General Update and an elective.

Any broker-in-charge who takes the General Update course will not receive credit for the course.  If you are a BIC who mistakenly takes the General Update instead of the BICUP, you will lose your broker-in-charge status on July 1.  All brokers-in-charge must take the BICUP and an elective.

License Reactivation

We recommend you contact the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) to confirm the courses you need to take to reactivate your license if inactive as of July 1 due to CE deficiency.  The NCREC has created a helpful chart to help you determine your requirements. 

If you have been placed on inactive status by the NCREC and have completed all requirements to reactivate your real estate license and complete the License Activation form.

Continuing Education Requirements

Regaining Broker-in-Charge (BIC) Status

How to become a BIC or BIC-Eligible