Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

To get your real estate license, you must take and pass the Broker Prelicensing course, and then pass the state licensing examination.  This video discusses the requirements in detail.

How much does Canopy Real Estate Institute’s Broker Prelicensing course cost?

The course is $395. You’ll also need the textbook, which costs about $50.

What is the Early-Bird Special?

If you register for your Broker Prelicensing course at least five days before the start date of the class, the price of the course is only $355.  Save $40 just for registering a few days early!

Where do I get my book?

The book is sold at The Realtor® Store. You can also reach them at 704-940-3126.

What does the cost of the course cover?

In addition to the actual course itself, your tuition fee includes a student workbook, study materials, practice tests and quizzes, and a review session prior to your course exam.

How do I register for the Broker Prelicensing course?

Visit this page to see our class schedule or register for classes.  We will be glad to answer any questions you might have at 704-372-2984. Registration information can also be mailed upon request.  

How long is the course? What is the attendance policy?

Broker Prelicensing students must attend at a minimum 90 percent of all scheduled classroom hours – no more than 8 classroom hours can be missed. All hours missed, including late arrivals and early departures, are counted in total absences allowed. Students missing their first scheduled Broker Prelicensing class will be required to reschedule for another course section. Students who do not satisfy attendance requirements will not be eligible to take the course final exam.

What is the grade for passing? What happens if I don’t pass?

Your final grade is based entirely on your performance on the final course exam.  You must score a 75 percent or higher to pass and receive a certificate of completion.   If you fail the final course exam, you can take a different exam within 30 days for a second chance to obtain the 75 percent passing grade.  Please call 704-372-2984 to schedule your retake exam.

If you fail your retake exam, you must take the entire Broker Prelicensing course again.  (Canopy Real Estate Institute retake students may be eligible for a reduced tuition, please call 704-372-2984 for details.)

After passing the class, how do I schedule my state exam?

Complete your license application through the North Carolina Real Estate Commission's secure website.  You will need your course certificate to complete some of the information.

How long do I have to take the state exam?

Certificates are valid for three years.  If you let your certificate expire, you will have to take the class again if you want to obtain a license.

Does Canopy Real Estate Institute offer placement?

Canopy Real Estate Institute is unable to provide job placement but we do have a recruiting program. Canopy Real Estate Institute is owned by Canopy Realtor® Association. Member firms will come in to share information about their firms during class lunch periods or breaks. You also have the option of receiving recruiting mailings from various area firms.

How do I find a broker with whom to work? 

Research the local market and learn about the various firms. There are large and small firms, some with many branch offices, and some with just one office. Some have highly structured training programs for new agents and some operate on a more informal, learn-as-you-go basis. There are firms that operate as buyer-brokerage firms only and others that provide full-service brokerage. A practical plan might be to contact the sales managers of at least three firms, preferably representing a variety of different-sized firms, and ask about the training and support for new agents available.

North Carolina Real Estate Commission FAQ's

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