Continuing Education

Canopy Real Estate Institute offers both North Carolina and South Carolina continuing-education classes.

North Carolina

All North Carolina licensees are required to take eight hours of continuing-education by June 10 of each year to remain on active status.  Canopy Real Estate Institute offers several elective courses from our award-winning instructors, as well as the General Update and Broker-In-Charge Update courses.  

Not sure if you have satisfied this requirement?  Login to your license record to view your education history.

N.C. Real Estate License Renewal is open
Between May 15 and June 30 all N.C. real estate licensees can renew their license on the N.C. Real Estate Commission website

Online Courses (Live Streaming)

Online Courses (On-Demand)

In-person CE classes

CE Requirements

South Carolina

SC License Renewal

In-person CE classes

Online Courses

CE Requirements

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