Because individuals learn at different paces, we offer you an additional resource to help ensure that you pass your state exam.

Instructors have agreed to be available for individual or small group tutoring.  You may choose one or more specific topics, such as real estate math, HUD-1 calculations, agency relationships, contracts, etc. on which to receive individual or small group tutoring.

How to get tutoring

  1. Contact an instructor listed below by calling or e-mailing him. (Some instructors can provide tutoring via Zoom.)

  2. Discuss with the instructor what your needs are and decide together on a date and time for the tutoring session, as well as how many hours you and the instructor feel will be needed.

  3. The instructor will contact school staff to arrange meeting space.

  4. Fees will be paid at the time of tutoring to the instructor. All fees must be paid before the tutoring session begins.


Tutoring fee is $60 per hour and covers up to five students.  We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards; however, the instructor cannot make change.  If more than one student will be instructed, one student must still make the payment.  We recommend that you collect money ahead of time from the group and give it to the student who will be responsible for payment.

Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring sessions are limited to Mondays through Thursdays or on weekends when the building is open.  Sessions must be held at the school.

Please note that tutoring sessions cannot count as class attendance or provide credit for missed sessions.

Instructors available for tutoring

Please contact these instructors directly for tutoring services:

Dana Rhodes, 704-560-4181, dana@danarhodes.com (Can tutor via Zoom.)

Rashad Phillips, rashadphillips79@aol.com